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Whip Flask – The Story

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Where it all began…

One brisk Saturday morning, engulfed by the fragrance of dewy grass, damp thick woolen coats, and the crisp winter air, our field took a quick moment to treat themselves to a tipple before the hounds caught scent again. Our reins in one hand, fiddling with whips and gloves, and heaven knows what; we dove into our coat pockets grasping for slipping, sliding hip flasks, as our steeds stomped and stirred. I peered across to an apprehensive Gent, hunt horse swishing and bobbing about, struggling to collect the hip flask from his fellow fieldmen. The frustration and defeat on his face, as he realised that his handful of reins and whips and gloves were simply going to stop him from taking a sip like the rest of us. And at that very moment, I recognised that I must be able to do something to make this all much easier. Not enough hands to carry both whips and hip flasks. So my solution? Combine the two.

I had a vision, to create a timeless innovation. Preserving the best attributes of a classic hunting whip, with the added character of a fillable flask shaft.

I began designing my whip flask entirely on the back foot. My initial prototype looked more like a club than a whip, and it could’ve been mistaken for an officer’s baton in the dark. Completely awful. A robust, heavy, wide tube with a poorly stitched piece of leather casing the shaft.

Back to the drawing board.

Countless attempts to balance the weight of the shaft, with the perfect tipple capacity, kept me up at night. Sourcing the finest local leather to produce slight, yet sturdy lace, was an endless task. But after months of tweaking and testing, the whip flask finally began to take shape. The final product was a remarkably traditional, refined hunting whip, with the functionality of a hip flask.

And that is how the Whip Flask® was crafted.

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